Cute LED Night Light Silicone Touch Sensor 7 Colors Cat Night Lamp

Emitting Color: SMALL-2
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About this product

Lovely kitty cat smiling face that can take your mind off any problems when you see it. The kitty night light cover is made of BPA-free washable and silicone, innocuous, soft, and harmless, which is safe for everyone including babies. Compact size design and powered by battery make it portable for travel and storage.


  • Product size: 9*8.9*10.2CM
  • Material: ABS+silicone
  • Packing: color box
  • Light source power parameter: 0.3W
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included in the product)
  • Working voltage: 4.5V
  • The weight of a single product (including the color box) is about 0.16KGS
  • Description of power switch: Press the power switch on the bottom of the product to turn on the light (the color is warm yellow); press the power switch again to turn off the light.


Tap the product to adjust the light changes: when the power switch is turned on and the light is warm yellow the second tap, the light is the three-color gradient for three seconds; the second tap, the light color stays at the color of the tap; the third tap, the light is off; The cycle repeats. Without any action, it will be extinguished automatically after 1 hour.



  1. Lovely appearance, easy to carry, simple one-key control operation.
  2. Pat lights can change colors, colorful lights.
  3. Environmentally friendly materials, delicate and soft silicone material, soft and smooth feel.
  4. Environmental protection and energy-saving LED, the power supply uses 3*AA batteries.

Package Included

1*Small night light



When the light is extinguished by tapping, the product is still working and a static current is generated. If you will not use it for a long time, please use the switch to turn off the light in order to reduce the battery consumption.

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