Magnetic Levitation Wireless Charging LED Night Light Desk Lamp

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The benefits of having this product 

  • Magnetic levitation desk lamp wireless charging
  • Balance light led lighting night light
  • Levitation induction bulb
  • Magnetic levitation ornaments
  • New and amazing technology

About this product 

Magnetic levitation desk lamp wireless charging balance light led lighting night light levitation induction bulb magnetic levitation ornaments
Product specifications 6 inch
Sudden power failure and accidental impact of the lamp body when it deviates from the floating track.




  • Total height of lamp 37cm
  • Lamp height 13.8cm
  • Suspension size 1.2-1.5cm
  • Rated power 2-5W
  • Bulb color transparent
  • Cable length 1.5m
  • Power consumption in January is only 1.44 kWh
  • Wireless smart charging or Without Wireless smart charging Product Picture:

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